About us

We sell Japanese tea cultivated and produced in the Kyushu region of Japan to all parts of the world.

  • Rare

    Our products are Japanese tea produced by small tea farmers who are not lined up in large supermarkets. Enjoy a selection of teas that can only be purchased here.

  • Multi-farmhouse

    Our shop deals with teas from various farmers, not from a single tea farm. Even with the same type of tea, you can experience different tastes if the producer changes.

  • Peace of mind and safety

    Our tea is 100% cultivated in Japan and we only handle tea processed in Japan. Flavor etc. are not mixed. These are safe and secure teas that have cleared Japan's strict agricultural and food standards.

  • Multilingual, multicurrency

    It supports major languages and currencies around the world and ships to almost every exportable country. You can choose the delivery method from cheap SAL mail and high-speed EMS.

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