About Nagomi-tea

Nagomi-tea is a Japanese green tea shop that opened in November 2021.

We ship tea produced by tea farmers in the Kyushu region of Japan to countries around the world. Our products are loved by locals and are not lined up in large supermarkets. Enjoy delicious tea made by a small tea farmer who is particular about cultivation and manufacturing methods.


What is Nagomi

Nagomi has the meaning of "calming" and "relaxing feelings" in Japanese. We hope that the relaxing effect of green tea will give Nagomi to our tea drinkers on a daily basis.


Our simple vision

We have three goals.

To customers

By selling Japanese tea in Kyushu at a reasonable price, we want people all over the world to know and enjoy Japanese tea.

To the producer

Encourage producers through sales to the world so they can focus on making better tea

To ourselves

Discover new encounters and knowledge through Japanese tea and make your life richer and more enjoyable


About business days

Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese holidays are store holidays.

In addition to that, store holidays may occur during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Please note that we cannot basically ship or reply to you on store holidays.



About our company

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